ReNew Revolution - Become a consignor
ReNew Revolution - Upscale ~ Resale ~ Boutique

We will update through Facebook and Instagram during the transition. 

How to become a consignor?
* Consignment Drop OFF: Fridays 11-3. Call 978-465-7800 before drop off. 
*All Items must be freshly laundered or dry cleaned. Items that are too wrinkled will be turned away, please present items in selling condition. 
*Consignors receive 40% of the selling price. Designer handbags will receive higher percentage. 
*Items stay on-rack for 60 days.. Consignors will receive an expiration date at time of drop off, unsold items become property of ReNew after expiration date.
* Checks will only be written for amounts of $25 or greater, under $25 can be used as shop credit. 
* Check payments available after the 15th of the month and must be picked up with 60 days of issue. After 60 days they will be voided. 
*All designer pieces will be placed on our online store site for the best selling exposure possible. We sell on Poshmark, Ebay and Etsy. 

Best selling pieces include:
Handbags and shoes, high end designer preferred. 
Jackets, not suit coats unless super high end. 
Jewelry, designer, untarnished, original boxes are helpful

We accept Furs during Fall and Winter. We appreciate them to be in very good condition, we will accept vintage Furs but not if they have have a vintage scent. They all must be in soft pliable condition. Aged furs become stiff and dried out therefore very uncomfortable to wear. 

The shop offers a wish list for buyers looking for specific pieces. Most common are Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Lilly Pulitzer, Tiffany and Co. Please if are looking to consign designer pieces call us! 978-465-7800 We are willing to pick up pieces and work out a selling agreement that is acceptable to both parties. Only authentic pieces, we do not accept any knockoffs. 

We accept athletic wear, golf, tennis and work out. Lulu Lemon, Athleta, Lija, Under Armour, Nike and many more.  Please only excellent condition pieces.  

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